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View our Gym Bangarang team of qualified fitness professionals, personal trainers, coaches, and more. Our staff will help you achieve all your fitness goals!


Nicky Director - Gym Manager
Nicky is on the Gym’s owners and lives on-site. She looks after all aspects of the gym, restaurant, transportation and translation. She can speak Thai, English and Cantonese.
Samantha Vogee
Samantha VogeeSales and Marketing Director
Samantha (Sam) is considered a ‘jack’ of all trades. She is a qualified Graphic Designer, Aromatherapist, ESL Teacher and also one of the owners

She has 10+ years experience in marketing and sales, in printing, event management and education. Sam is our in house sales and marketing Manager and is the first point of contact for guests. She has completed 4 fitness bootcamp holidays and attended several Muay Thai camps. She has ‘real’ experience in knowing how it feels to be overweight after having 3 children and getting back into shape again.

Chris Smith
Chris SmithFitness and Muay Thai Program Director
U.S.M.C, Classified, NASM
Chris attended Portland Community College where he completed a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition. Chris has been involved in Thai Boxing and Fitness for over 20yrs and with this passion started Gym Bangarang. He is still an active fighter. Chris spent many years in the marines in the US Marine Corps and was previously working for a well-known fitness and weightloss bootcamp


BoatBA Physical Fitness
As our head bootcamp trainer, Boat was an ambassador for Kasetsart University’s traditional Muay Thai show where he earned a degree in physical education. Boat’s first love is football, as he played professionally for Chiang Mai and at the university. Second to football is his love of Muay Thai. Today he passes on his passion for Muay Thai to the guests at Gym Bangarang.

TommyCertified Muay Thai Trainer/Professional Fighter
From a small farmland village in Isaan growing sugarcane and rice, Tommy developed a lifelong passion for Muay Thai. When he began at 12 years old, Tommy couldn’t even imagine he would go on to battle in over 300 fights, claim the Isaan Champion Belt and Chiang Mai Champion Belt two times each, or headline in the “Bring Tommy Back to Chiang Mai” fight.

Tommy is well known throughout Chiang Mai for his “flying knee” technique. His signature Wai Khru dance he performs before each fight is in gratitude and respect to his trainer and mentor “Uncle”. While it is still difficult to bet against Tommy (the bookies know better!) because of his excellent technique and stellar record, he enjoys sharing with others his love for Muay Thai as a certified trainer and original Gym Bangarang team member.

Today you can find Tommy at Gym Bangarang, in professional fights or spending time with his wife Shanaka and their five year old, soon-to-be-pro son. And as for the farmland village in Isaan? Tommy supports his family there through his winnings and enjoys visiting from time to time.

Chan Love
Chan LoveResident Trainer - Professional Fighter
Born in Thailand although his family is originally from Burma, Chan lived in a temple and was taught by monks. His hard work and strong ethics led him to work with disabled children, speak fluent English and become a certified Muay Thai instructor. Chan is a guest favorite among the trainers and has been with Gym Bangarang since 2014. He has over 20 fights to his name and was the 2014 Thailand Gamer Champion (C9 game). Chan continues to develop his body and mind as he sets Sundays aside for study and meditation.
UncleSenior Trainer
Most know “Uncle” as Tommy’s mentor and trainer. But you may not know that Uncle used to work as a carpenter and started off as a streetfighter in Ratchaburi province. He is a trained champion channel 7 fighter Ong Chai Lung and Ban Sing and started one of Thailand’s only Women’s Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai. After over one hundred fights and an eye injury, Uncle retired from professional fighting. We celebrate Uncle every year on Thailand’s Father’s Day since he doesn’t know his birthdate and he is well respected at Gym Bangarang.
TonBA Physical Education
At only 27 years old, Ton has 20 years of Muay Thai experience. He began his professional career as a temple fighter doing Muay Thai displays. Ton holds a bachelor degree in physical education and works with bootcamp and Muay Thai guests at every skill level. His ability to teach with patience is one of the things our guest love about Ton. When not practicing Muay Thai, Ton enjoys spending time with his younger sister as well as playing football and tennis. He has even referred at the prestigious Chiang Mai University Football Festival.
TomCertified Muay Thai Trainer
Father Tom got his start from his school sports teacher when he was 11 years old. He quickly learned that Muay Thai offered decent income to help support his family. After many temple fights, he started a gym with the village leader. As an adult he relocate to Bangkok where he married and had three boys—all his sons have Muay Thai “in their blood.” His sons and “adopted son” Dejak S. Thammaphet have made a name for themselves as established fighters in Chiang Mai.
ChampCertified Muay Thai Trainer
Champ began training at only 8 years old in his hometown of Kan Janaburi, which was no surprise since his dad was a well known fighter. Champ is a proud member of the Thai Airforce, has completed over 300 fights and was previously awarded “Strongman Fighter” and “Good Fighter” in Anthong province. Champ used his fight winnings to pay for his education and most recently, to purchase a washing machine for his beloved mum. He still fights professionally to this day, is a certified Muay Thai trainer at Gym Bangarang.
Tomasz Nowak
Tomasz NowakProfessional Trainer
2009 World Heavyweight Champion
Brandon BK Kesler
Brandon BK KeslerProfessional MMA Fighter
Our head coach Brandon BK Kesler is a professional MMA fighter and has been competing in combat sports for over 17 years.

Highlight Video
Pro MMAPro MMA Record 6-2

2014 Oregon Open 2nd Place expert division
2013 Oregon Open 1st Place expert division
2013 Sub league 1st Place expert divison
2012 Thailand Open 2nd Place
2011 Fairtex Submission tournament 1st Place
2010 USA MMA Cruiser Weight Champion
2008 Seattle Grapple Mania 2nd Place
2007 Oregon Open 1st Place
MMA Commentator for Dare, Main Event MMA, and XFC

Peng Peng
Peng PengYoga Teacher

Customer Service

NitaCustomer Service Executive
Nita is talented in many areas; customer service, cooking, fruit carving amongst many things. Speaks three languages. Nita is also a trained nurse having studied in Belgium
Mon takes care of our villas with the utmost detail.
PaoRestaurant and Housekeeping