Two owners of Gym Bangarang share their stories – former Marine Christopher Smith and former Military wife Samantha Vogee.

A letter from Gym Bangarang Owner – Chris Smith.

Hi my name is Chris. I am a former Marine and was part of “operation Iraqi Freedom”

On my return home, I was diagnosed with chronic depression and PTSD symptons. I was an alcoholic and had no motivation or goals. I felt like I was on my own and was a discarded statistic.

A lot of my friends couldn’t take the pressure cooker anymore and decided to end their lives through any way necessary to block out the trauma
I slowly found a way to fix my internal issues through natural means. exercise, education, herbal supplementation, diet and meditation. Pills were just stacking into more pills when I would visit the doctors that thought they knew… It doesn”t work for everyone the same way.
We are honored to have you as our guests if you decide to spend some holiday time with us and assure you that this is a controlled environment where we promote peace happiness and the pursuit of freedom for our spirit mind and bodies. I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

I created Gym Bangarang to provide a safe haven for for people from all walks of life to relax, recharge and heal. Our programs include: Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Fitness & Weightloss Holidays and General Fitness for those in the Chiang Mai area. We have a career coach on-site who uses the joy of ‘play’ to release past issues.

Seeking help is  a sign of strength.

A letter from Gym Bangarang Owner – Samantha Vogee

Hi my name is Sam. I was in the Army reserves for two years in Melbourne Australia in 2/10 Med Regiment. It was here that I met my husband Alan Ingram. Alan was in the military full time. Being a military wife involved being moved around the country, learning to make new friends and leaving family behind. We married in 1994 and the day after we married, Alan was off to prepare for a posting in Mogadishu Somalia – That was the start of our married life.  Fast forward to 2002 and whilst taking the boys for a morning run on the base, Alan collapsed and passed away on his 46th birthday. Life changed for myself and son that day.

Former service-men that have visited us.


WE understand income issues and want you to know that we are flexible with our pricing. We offer:

  • Payment plans
  • Full sponsorship rates (on a case by case basis)

Tell us what you’re looking for out of this experience, tell us your story… who are you? And we’ll do our best to help you reach that goal

For all veterans we offer 10% discount off all our programs.
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